When all the volunteers have gathered at my house before we leave for the shelter, I confirm that they have their signed waivers with them. I then hand out copies of the below list and ask them to go around the room and to each to read out loud one of the numbered sentences so they understand what we are about to do and what is expected of them. Feel free to add or subtract whatever facts are specific to the shelter where you are serving.   



1. When you walk into the shelter introduce yourself to the staff, smile, say hello to the residents, walk directly to the kitchen and get   ready to SERVE! :)


2. Help set up the kitchen to serve—ask where things are such as plates, utensils, napkins, cups and serving pieces and put them out and have them ready to be used. WORK TOGETHER!!


3. You must wear gloves while handling food and serving. 


4. We will be be asking each resident what they would like to eat and then putting that on their plates and handing it to them.  You will also be serving drinks, so you will ask what they would like to drink and pour that for them, as well.  


5. Remember not to give,”seconds” to the residents until the staff tells us we can do so.


6. Do not eat the food or drink the drinks—that is for the residents!


7. Do not wander off—stay with the group.


8. Do not touch anything without permission.




10. Have fun and remember the residents are happy you are there! Enjoy the simple act of serving and the kindness and good feelings that go along with it!

Once the above list is read by the group, head over to the shelter--you are ready to SERVE!